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Voice Research and Training Institute

Voice is a division of Kalvi Higher Education and Research Institute conceived with the vision of building skilled manpower pool for global industry requirements with a focus on Soft Skills, Communicative English, and Employability Skills to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions across the entire state of Tamil Nadu.

It aims to reach out to the youth of India living in cities, small towns & villages and provide them with job specific training to enable them to get jobs across different service sectors. VOICE, the division of Kalvi, a global leader in Skills and Talent Development, offers multi-disciplinary learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions, and individuals across the state. It has become known, in particular, as a corporate training company and Industrial Training Company, with customized programs for both large and small enterprises and institutions.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to emphasize high priority in providing training solutions to meet the demand of the ever growing skilled manpower of global standards along with high moral, ethical, social values of our country.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to accelerate economic development in India, by creating employment opportunities, and making our youth employable, we believe we can impact large-scale economic growth.

Our Key Functions

VRTI launched the VOICE Program to train India’s youth, making them employable for today’s changing economy. VRTI aims to build world-class capacity for three million higher education seats by providing access to market-linked vocational education. Working closely with Industry, Central & State Governments, as well as educational institutions. VTRI aims to offer a faster, cheaper, and better alternative to the regular college track, thus opening the door to the 4.5 million youth left behind after completing Class 12 each year.

To scale up with quality, VRTI is embracing technology as an enabler. Our technology platform provides learners with access to realistic and simplifying videos, peer-enhanced learning, experiential and practical pedagogy, and blended instruction wherein the teacher becomes a facilitator, rather than a lecturer. This platform will enable scalable, open, and collaborative job-oriented courseware creation to be delivered to the masses. We promote accessible training delivery and endorse flexible models, including online/individual paced mode and blended classes. VRTI’s technology platform addresses the issues of quality teachers and infrastructure needs, which are often seen as barriers to achieving scale, by digitizing quality content in an interesting and interactive manner and making it freely available in an open, modular format which can be integrated into existing delivery platforms/modes.