World Book Advanced is a powerful multimedia reference tool designed with high school students in mind. It integrates reference articles, primary sources and more into a single search and includes up-to-the-minute access to worldwide publications.

World Book Advanced highlights timely and engaging encyclopedia articles, provide access to primary source documents, online books and educator tools.

Users can search, access and translate World Newspapers within World Book Advanced providing students access to real-time global headlines.

Government Websites from around the globe can be easily navigated and accessed through World Book Advanced.

Teaching with Documents combine primary source materials with lesson plans! Each document includes contextual and background information, a guided lesson plan and grading rubric.

Pathfinders, saved in the My Research platform, are shareable paths to articles, images, sounds and maps on selected subject matters. User-created, these pathfinders are great ways to share information from class to class in one easy format.

Educator Tools in Advanced provide curriculum correlations, professional links, lesson plans and Webquests.

Educator Tools in Student provide curriculum correlations, graphic organizers, lesson plans, professional links and Webquests.