Early World of Learning

Every child learns differently, and World Book has specially designed the activities in Early World of Learning to attract even the most hesitant of young learners. With the combination of print, hands-on activities, computer games, and website access, children will be able to learn basic concepts quickly and in a variety of mutually reinforcing ways.

The early years are critical in a child’s development. During those years, every child is learning how to learn. By the time your child enters school, at least five years of education have taken place – with you as the first and most important teacher and your home as the first and most important school. With your help, your child has begun to explore the ideas, the objects, and the experiences of the world.


  • Trek’s Travels 12-volume book series
  • Eight electronic (DVD) games
  • Three activity posters
  • Teacher/Parent Guide
  • Height chart
  • Trek and Friends poster
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Sing-along CD and book
  • Prepaid subscription card to online Early World of Learning
  • Word book

Trek’s Travels 12-Volume Series

  • Treks Learns About Place
  • Treks Learns About Colours
  • Treks Learns About Texture
  • Treks Learns About Time
  • Treks Learns About Shapes
  • Treks Learns About Size
  • Trek Learns to Fly
  • Treks Learns About Sounds
  • Treks Learns About Opposites
  • Treks Learns About Numbers
  • Treks Learns About Moving Around
  • Treks Learns About Taste and Smell