Earth’s Changing Climate


This timely series takes a scientific, but balanced, approach to understanding an important issue that affects our planet today. Including a primer on understanding climate change, this eight-volume series explores in-depth the impact a warmer climate may have on oceans, habitats, wildlife, and more. A final volume discusses ways we can adapt to and reduce changes in Earth’s climate. Learning about climate change is an important step toward increasing environmental awareness in the generation growing up today.

Series Titles:

  • Food, Water, and Climate Change
  • Change Habitats and Climate Change
  • Living with Climate Change
  • Natural Cycles and Climate Change
  • Oceans and Climate Change
  • Understanding Climate Change
  • Weather and Climate Change
  • Wildlife and Climate Change

Key Features:

  • Topics are examined in an engaging and approachable style.
  • Difficult scientific words and concepts are carefully defined in text or in a glossary to help young learners develop a deeper understanding and make meaningful connections.
  • Beautiful, full-page spreads include “How Do We Know?” sidebars that give readers insight into how scientists learn about and can know about such topics as climate, the atmosphere, and what our climate was like in the past.
  • An index, a list of additional readings, and a small feature of questions on climate change encourage critical thinking and help readers master important concepts.