Endangered Animals of the World

From the giant panda to the black rhinoceros, animals across our planet are threatened. Learning about these important creatures is the first step toward building awareness in future generations.

Every child loves animals, and they will be instantly enthralled with each animal's story. With facts and figures about each species region by region, each animal is described using scientific classification, physical characteristics, behaviors, threat level, and reasons for endangerment. An eighth volume focuses on some animals that have lost their fight for species survival.

Kids will gravitate toward the large, colorful pictures of swinging orangutans and elegant cranes. Extensive entries are packed with detail, including information about the animals, their habitats, the threats they face, and conservation efforts made on their behalf. Simple iconography relates reasons for endangerment, from poaching to overfishing to pollution to loss of habitat. Detailed maps provide visual learners with a reference for each animal's range.

Series Titles:

  • Endangered Animals of Africa
  • Endangered Animals of Asia
  • Endangered Animals of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands
  • Endangered Animals of Europe
  • Endangered Animals of North America
  • Endangered Animals of South America
  • Endangered Animals of the Oceans
  • Extinct!