Explore the Solar System

With this thought-provoking exploration of deep space, readers are able to question and find answers to the secrets of celestial wonders beyond our solar system and how scientists study them. Pair this with Explore the Solar System to take every young astronomer on a galactic journey.

Key Features

  • Two-page spreads present questions and answers
  • Hundred of striking photographs, illustrations, charts, and graphs
  • Fascinating information about celestial bodies and phenomena
  • A glossary in every volume

Stars—The Inside Story

Explore different types of these amazing balls of light and learn why they shine.

Stars-Birth and Death

Explore how stars are born in great clouds of gas and dust, and why they sometimes die in violent explosions.

Alien Planets

Explore strange planets beyond the solar system, from massive rocky worlds to gas giants, and learn about the search for alien life.


Explore the islands of stars that fill the universe, stretching from our nearest galactic neighbors to ancient giants at the edges of space and time.

The Milky Way

Explore our galaxy from the monstrous black hole at its center to its swirling, starry arms and peer into its violent future.

Observatories on Earth

Explore the history of stargazing from Earth and learn how telescopes transformed familiar lights in the night sky into unimagined wonders.

Observatories in Space

Explore the exciting history of orbiting telescopes and learn how their breathtaking views of deep space have revolutionized astronomy.

Quasars and Black Holes

Explore some of the most mysterious objects in space-powerful black holes that extinguish light and intense quasars that outshine an entire galaxy.

The Universe-A Cosmic Tour

Explore the origins of space and time, mysterious forms of matter and energy, and the ultimate fate of the universe.

The Universe-Mysteries and Marvels

Explore time travel, extra dimensions, hidden universes, and other cosmic curiosities.