Young Scientist

An easy-to-use introduction to basic science topics, this 10-volume set presents an exciting picture of what scientists have learned about life and the universe while inviting students to explore with hands-on activities. Photographs and illustrations give readers a close look at the amazing variety, complexity, and utility of objects in the world around them.

Key Features:

  • Variety of colorful photographs and illustrations
  • Step-by-step, illustrated, hands-on activities for better comprehension.
  • 10 volumes, fully illustrated.
  • A glossary in every volume.
  • Boldface emphasis on key content words in the main text.
  • An index in each volume.

Series Titles:

  • Atoms and Molecules
  • Plants
  • Energy
  • Gases
  • Human Body
  • Water
  • Space Technology
  • Magnetic Power
  • Light and Electricity
  • Construction